The Book of Hubb


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The Book of Hubb by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi, may Allah have mercy on him, takes as its the starting-point Allah’s Words in the Qur’an, then drawing on the works of Sufis, such as Shaykh Nasirud-Din, the Chiraghi of Delhi, to delineate the Ten Stages of Love of the Divine. It is the second of four books: the Book of Tawhid, the Book of Hubb, the Book of ‘Amal and the Book of Safar, which represent a series of discourses on their respective subjects delivered by the Shaykh in Cape Town, South Africa, between 2004 and 2008. Throughout, the jama’ah had copies of the Qur’an and were engaged in following the discourse and the ayats upon which the Shaykh drew.

14.5 x 22.5 cm 112 pages

Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir Sufi

Shaykh Abdalqadir (born 1930 Ian Dallas in Ayr, Scotland, died 2021 Cape Town, South Africa) was a Shaykh of Tarbiyah (Instruction), leader of the Darqawi-Shadhili-Qadiri Tariqa, founder of the Murabitun World Movement and author of numerous books on Islam, Sufism (Tasawwuf), history and political theory. Born in Scotland, he was a playwright and actor before he accepted Islam in 1967 with the Imam of the Masjid al-Qarawiyyin (Qarawiyyin Mosque) in Fes, Morocco.

He worked in spreading Islam since that time and has students all over the world in both Muslim and non-Muslim lands. His last most significant publications, in addition to the works mentioned above are, as Ian Dallas, Ian Dallas Collected Works, The Time of the Bedouin – on the politics of power, The Interim is MineEngines of the Broken World, and The Entire City. His commentaries on current events and issues affecting Muslims in different parts of the world can be found on his website.

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