Diwan Press

Classical and Contemporary Books on Islam and Sufism

Established in 1975, Diwan Press is one of the most illustrious names in English language, Islamic publishing with an unrivalled catalogue of great works on Islam and Sufism. It was re-established in 2008 to place this existing catalogue before readers and to bring out new titles.

Diwan Press is taking Islamic publishing forward, bringing out most of our new titles as e-books as well as more traditional publishing formats: books, journals and magazines.

Among our forthcoming publications are:

1. Volume 2 of the Tafsir al-Qurtubi covering the second jus’ from Surat al-Baqarah, ayat 142-253.

2. A new edition of the Defence Against Disaster Aisha Bewley’s translation of Qadi Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi’s Al-‘Awasim min al-Qawasim that plots a sure path through the civil strife that troubled the first generations

3. Al-Qawanin al-fiqhiyyah of Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi of Granada, perhaps the most concise and useful summary of the Maliki madhhab containing in addition an outline of the differences of opinion both within and without the madhhab.