Osmanlı History and Institutions by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Maksudoğlu

Western literature about the Osmanlı Devlet, however scholarly it may seem, comprises a huge monument of distortion. “ … for too long the Ottomans have been studied without use of any of their sources, resulting in serious distortion and error. No history of France would be considered methodologically sound and balanced if it were written on the basis of English and Italian observations.” (Stanford J. Shaw and Ezel Kural Shaw, History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey, Cambridge University Press, 1992, II, x.)

This book is based mainly on Osmanlı sources and represents an entirely new approach.

Mehmet Maksudoğlu was born in Eskişehir in 1939. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Theology and taught Arabic, Persian, English and Hadith as a Vocational Teacher at Izmir Imam Hatip High School. In 1961, he worked as an Assistant in the History of Islam at the Faculty of Theology at Ankara University. He became an Assistant Professor at Marmara University in 1983, and later an Associate Professor and then Professor.

He is a known author who has written works in Arabic, reference books..