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This document grew from the many years experience that the authors have in teaching new Muslims in countries as disparate as the UK, Nigeria, Czechoslovakia, Germany and the US. It began as a simple outline of the prayer of Islam and has since expanded to become a basic primer on the essentials of the five pillars according to the school of Madina as taught by Imam Malik. Diwan Press are making it available as a non-profit service to others. For those who wish it there is a free PDF version which they can download and print. This

Together the authors have translated The Noble Qur’an – a new rendering of its meaning in English, The Muwatta of Imam Malik and Muhammad the Messenger of Allah by Qadi Iyad. Abdalhaqq is the author of The Natural Form of Man – the basic practices and beliefs of Islam, and Aisha of Democratic Tyranny and the Islamic Paradigm among other books.

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